Oh no. Zynga’s growing!!


Zynga, a company for its addicting, costly Facebook games and its thievery of other people’s ideas, took a dangerous move in the world of business recently by buying the British company “NaturalMotion” (developers of the Backbreaker series and various other IOS games). Zynga , being zynga, didn’t care for the companies achievements however. all they cared about was there impressive toolbox. Doing this cost 300 people at Zynga their jobs to make ends meet.

I am not a massive fan in Zynga due to their thievery of other peoples hard made games, take (nibble bit) for example, and when they design a game its quality is poor so the idea of them buying out a slightly successful app company worries me. with the company growing in popularity how long will it be till we get “The Ancestor books: Zyrim” and “Dutyfield:Modern Honour”

studio acquisition is one of the trend in this instance because its Zynga buying out a smaller company to increase their “industry growth”


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