Oculus rift is close at hand

All gamers fantasize about being an actually part of the game. for the feeling of putting yourself into   the game and ,essentially, putting yourself into another person’s perspective. Gaming as we know is constantly evolving at a unbelievable pace as the industry evolves and now game designers have now made a massive breakthrough with the “oculus rift”. This sort of console was the fantasy of many a few years back and many saw this piece of technology coming out when we have flying cars and space colonies. The games designed for the oculus rift are strong in story, brilliantly  visualised  amazing gameplay. The designers of the Oculus Rift are now planning towards virtual reality with the help of the 3D motion sensing goggles . originally the company didn’t have the funding but thanks to  The venture capital firm Andreesson Harowitz who provided the funding to help reach its $75 million funding goal.

I personally can’t wait for the oculus rift to become commercially available though I believe if they added bigger , more advanced versions of them (such as the walking and gun controls) into arcades they could bring the arcade industry back onto the market. The Oculus Rift won’t be released on consoles because consoles are too limited meaning upgrading your pc might be a good idea but you never know, Sony and Microsoft might get their hands on one and copy it to suit their needs.

the trend here is investment. I don’t know if Andreesson Harowitz did it out of the kindness of his own heart or if he plans to make a massive profit on the sales. he may even have a deeper interest but for now we can be happy that he did it.

see it in action

read more here:



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