Nintendo special

Recently Nintendo has been in the news a lot lately due to its massive loss in expected sales. Satoru Iwata has now outlined Nintendo’s plans to increase customer awareness by using smart phones. Iwata believes  that by switching to third-party development, Nintendo could not show “our strength as an integrated hardware-software business in this field, and therefore it would be difficult to continue the same scale of business in the medium-to-long term.” so, in short Iwata doesn’t want Nintendo to become fully 3rd party but instead offer their games to a wider range of consoles. Iwata will be using a small team of developers to design and release games for mobile devices so the rest of the company can focus more on their own hardware.

I see this as a smart, but slightly desperate move , for Nintendo. The company’s popularity has declined in the past years due to gamers yearn for photo-realistic graphics and high paced violence. consoles have become more for hardcore gamers whereas mobile devices have attracted a “laid back” audience which Nintendo might appeal to due to its recognisable brand characters and easy controls


due to the current Nintendo problem people have been calling for Iwata’s head but is Iwata to blame for Nintendo’s problems. Satoru Iwata could lose his job at any minute which you can tell by his remarks about “hanging on to it”. Not long ago, this situation would have been inconceivable. Iwata has been Nintendo’s president and CEO since 2002 and has gained a large fan base over the years. Iwata has managed to turn a dying flame into a raging fire after the amazing success of the DS and Wii consoles adding touch and motion controls to new markets, exploring new markets. even managing to beat rivals at Microsoft and Sony. and now Iwata has made one slip up with the WiiU and everyone wants him to step down. what we must remember is Nintendo isn’t so much a platform developer as it is a publisher and game developer and Nintendo has been sticking to its cards and using its trademark games to try to sell their product. this no longer works however and the company needs more fresh game ideas and that falls down to miyamoto.

i personally believe they need to come up with some new characters to trademark if they wish to continue as a serious contender for the other consoles. Iwata has been doing a great job at his post and other Nintendo consoles have failed in the past so the WiiU’s lack of success isn’t too bad. they just need to come up with some new games to help drag in a fresh audience.


on another note, there has been a recent update on the super rare game “Nintendo World Championships” turning out to be a complete hoax. the price went up to $99,902  due to a believed internet troll. the troll has a 100 percent positive feedback score of 775 which is weird for someone who fakes bids. Even if the whole auction was a scam the bidding war still managed to make the news ranging from tech websites to the BBC.

I believe this bidding war might have been someone just getting caught up in the excitement of the auction and ended up spending more than he can give. that’s why he has perfect ratings and positive feedback. he’s not a bad person, he’s just a guy who doesn’t know when to stop clicking the ” bid” button. let’s hope he never goes on storage wars.


trends that can be found within these news articles are the rise of mobiles and tablets because of Nintendos expansion into the industry and software and hardware expected sales because the failure of the WiiU has put jobs on the line. Casual vs hardcore gamers plays a strong part in the current problem because a lot of young gamers have moved over to the hardcore side of gaming which ,with their current mascots, Nintendo cant contend with. finally overseas stores and sales have played a large part in Nintendo’s current problem due to the lack of sales in america and the UK being the main reason Nintendo is in this problemImage


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