a new leader on freemium

Back in October NimbleBit (a 3-man indie game company) releases a mobile game known as pocket train which, at first glance, looked like your typical freemium iPhone game but it accturally has little tweaks making the whole freemium game system so much better.

When players collect crates they have to use “bux” (premium currency) to open them. some may see this as unfar on players ( having boxs you cant open becuse you dont have the funds) but infact its completely fair because this makes even paying players work for special train types and it also helps drain player’s premium currency which NimbleBit is  generous with because you get “bux” everytime you level up so they’re not being greedy about it.

after reading the post i decided to give “pocket Trains” and up to now ive had no reason to buy bux. the game gives you bux everytime you level up aswell as when you watch a train journey you can find bux floating in the air. To me purchasing bux is only for the impatiant  but only time will tell if im right.

for more read the artical:


the trend found in this artical is freemium




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