Pre-order to win!!


Watch out Wallets!! paying extra gets you a OUTFIT and a WEAPON

With the remake of Fable: the lost chapters coming out early February. Lionshead has decided to add pre-order bonuses  to the HD remake allowing players to acquire special clothing and a unique weapon which varies depending on which store you ordered it on. In modern day marketing pre-ordering bonuses are becoming more and more common to tempt people into buying the game new rather than going for the cheaper option of buying the game pre-owned. though personally I don’t like this marketing strategy I prefer it over EA’s “online code” as a way of persuading people to buy early. I see pre-order bonuses as just another way of saying release DLC which was met with horrible views (I’m looking at you prothean). lionhead even confined that  “The three packs will also be available to buy later in the year” meaning you could just buy the pre-owned and wait for the DLC to take its mask off and buy it for cheaper. though pre-order bonuses are met with mixed views I have a feeling that ,with time, they’ll become more common.

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