achievement Unlocked: 100,000GP

The AbleGamers Charity raises money for people with disabilities to help improve their quality of life through the mass media known as gaming. In 2013 they reached an impressive milestone in the charities history when it  was able to raise over $100,000(£61,222 to you and me) for people with disabilities .this is the first time it’s been able to do this in the history of the charity. Mark Barlet, president and director of  the charity, tells us that “it’s all thanks to the generosity of our donors”.

The Able gamers charity is doing a great thing for the disabled and the industry. Video games offer a world without limitations and gives people a place to escape to when life gets too much to handle as well as helps improve  abilities such as hand-eye co-ordination as well as boosts confidence and verbal skills. Gaming charities are needed for the industries due to the amount of damage done by  irresponsible people and the over-reacting media.

I believe these charities will be on the rise in the coming days because of the growth of the industry as well as the need for a shield to hide behind when the media jumps to conclusions

if you would like to read more:

if you would like to more about the charity or donate:


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